Explain: How and When to Apply for Medicare

Sep 20, 2022 By Susan Kelly


Medicare, the United States health insurance programme for those 65 and older, are needed in this country. Medicare is not just for those over 65; those with impairments or chronic kidney failure also qualify under age 65. This programme does not pay for all medical costs or the majority of long-term care, but it does help. Options exist for receiving Medicare benefits. You can get Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) from a private insurance firm if you enrol in Original Medicare (Parts A and B).

When should I sign up for Medicare?

Our standard recommendation is that Medicare applications be submitted three months before the applicant's 65th birthday. Remember that you cannot enrol in Medicare until you are 65. Applying for Medicare Parts A and B separately is unnecessary if you are currently receiving Social Security benefits. Part B coverage, however, comes with a price tag and can be declined if you don't want to pay for it. You'll start receiving Medicare cards about two months before you turn 65. (Please be aware that residents of Puerto Rico and other nations will not automatically be enrolled in Part B.) They get this perk at no cost but must opt-in.

Call 1-800-772-1213 if you want to apply for Medicare alone. Get in touch with our specialists at that location, and we'll set up an appointment for you at the nearest Social Security office and give you tips on what to bring with you. We usually collect a monthly benefit application alongside your Medicare enrollment form. The retirement benefits application process is now entirely online.

Should I Sign Up For Medical Insurance (Part B)?

To enrol in Medicare Parts A and B, use our online form. You are free to decline Medicare Part B because of the premium it requires. An individual's IEP begins three months before their 65th birthday, continues through the month they turn 65, and concludes three months following their birthday if they are suitable. Notable Upcoming Alteration to Post-2023 Regulations: Medicare Part B coverage will begin in the month of eligibility if you accept automatic enrollment or enrol during the first three months of your IEP. Coverage will start on the first of the month after registration beginning January 1, 2023, if enrollment occurs within the month of age 65 or the final three months of the IEP.

Steps to learn about Medicare, how to sign up,

Step 1

Basics of Medicare, Read This First. Find out what Medicare covers, how it operates, and how much it costs.

Step 2

Registration: First, you'll register for Parts A and B. Find out when coverage can be started and how to enrol.

Step 3

Expand your coverage and examine your expansion choices, timelines, and plan selections.

Step 4

How Medicare Works; Learn About Available Services and Supports When You're Ready.

Do I qualify for a Medicare particular enrollment period?

If you or your spouse maintains employment and is covered by an employer's health insurance plan, then maybe. If you or your spouse loses your employer-provided health insurance, the SEP permits you to enrol in Medicare Part B for up to eight months following the loss of coverage. Medicare coverage can be started at any time within this window but will not begin until the first of the month after enrollment. No matter your age, you will not be subject to late fees when you ultimately decide to sign up.

This choice is further complicated by factors like the company's size and the priority of the employer's plan in the event of a medical emergency. Institutions with a larger size. It is possible to put off enrolling in Medicare until either you or your spouse no longer work for a company with 20 or more workers or your current health insurance coverage expires. This means that your employer's coverage can remain your primary coverage and will be paid in full before any other medical expenditures are born, just as it is for younger employees and their spouses at these giant companies.


When Medicare receives your application, they will check it to ensure it is complete and accurate. Please verify that your contact information is correct. This is crucial to ensure fast delivery of your identification card, as well as in the case Medicare needs to contact you regarding your enrollment. A letter containing the outcome of your application review will be sent to you after it has been received and processed. Contact Social Security anytime if you have concerns or questions about this process.

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