College Degrees With the Best Starting Salaries: A Genneral Guide

Aug 16, 2022 By Susan Kelly


Here you’ll learn about college degrees with the best starting salaries. Today's college students are more concerned about their future earnings than students of their parent's generation were. That is to be expected, given that a public university will cost more than $35,000 annually in 2020–21. Many graduates want to earn a decent living wage in addition to landing a job that fulfills them professionally and personally. A computer science major is a sure bet for a successful career and is widely known among prospective students. But what other options are there for prospective students to think about?

Medical Technicians

One of the few health-related degrees on this list, medical laboratory science programs teaches students how to gather and assess health data utilizing medical laboratory procedures. These programs frequently cover math, medical computer applications, hematology, medical microbiology, immunohematology, immunology, clinical chemistry, and general laboratory methods. The unemployment rate for medical technology students is the lowest (only 1%).

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Companies and other organizations are constantly looking for talented individuals who can assist them in maintaining the seamless operation of their electrical and computer systems. Payscale reports that the starting salary for graduates in these occupations is on average $108,500. There is space for growth because mid-career salaries might reach $159,300. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is segmented differently for computer scientists and electrical engineers (BLS). The first group earned an average of $103,390 in salary in 2020, while computer scientists made an average of $126,830.

Applied Mathematics

Although it's unnecessary, it helps to have a degree in applied mathematics to appreciate numbers. Are logic and problem-solving your passions? Applied mathematics may offer the best return on investment among the various degree paths available to mathematics students. According to estimates, individuals with a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics could make up to 30% more money than the average college grad. As the name suggests, graduates of this field use mathematical techniques in various areas, including physics, commerce, and computer science. Graduates in applied mathematics have many lucrative career options, including software and aerospace engineering.


A smiling college student female solving math equations with a calculator, A globe, a backpack, and books are currently nearby. Your preparation for several occupations, including positions on Wall Street, with the Internal Revenue Service, and investment banks, will be aided by a degree in finance. Suppose you watched The Wolf of Wall Street and were taken aback by Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal of stockbroker Jordan Belfort. In that case, you are already aware of the financial industry's reputation for excessive salaries that frequently top seven figures. Those with a finance background can work in banking, stockbroking, and risk management, to name just a few. Many students who study finance earn a master's in business administration, expanding their employment options and earning potential. Recent finance majors should be aware that they will immediately compete with intelligent, motivated people and that their workplaces may be high-pressure environments. You are advised!

International Affairs

Students of international affairs, often known as international relations, are introduced to foreign policy, diplomacy, international law (see our law tutors if you want to learn more about international law), and political beliefs across countries. Those who study this area have career options in the government, diplomatic service, think tanks, the legal profession, universities, and other research-based industries. Bachelor's degree holders in international affairs have a greater jobless rate than the general population. However, compared to the national median for all bachelor's degrees, a bachelor's degree in international affairs yields higher median starting and mid-career incomes.

Health Professions

One of your most acceptable options if you're looking for a career that pays well monetarily is the healthcare industry. Bachelor's degrees in medical management and public health are included in the degree category, and their starting salaries typically exceed $56,000. While RNs start with the most excellent median salaries, communication disorders majors end up at the lower end of the pay scale. This is perhaps because practicing in the field of communication disorders requires a greater level of education. Excellent long-term job market prospects are also present for several of these concentrations. In 2021, a medical administrator made an average income of $101,000. Since March 2020, there have been over twice as many job opportunities in the healthcare industry, and experts anticipate this trend will continue over the coming ten years.


You can have a significant financial future if you know which college majors pay the most after graduation. The top 10 list of highest starting wages is dominated by electrical engineering and computer science, petroleum engineering, and computer science and business experts. Electrical engineering and computer science offer the most excellent entry-level salaries. The study of medicine, precisely that of physician assistants, comes in second. Welding engineers complete the group.

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